• Same World Operatives - just rebranded!

    May 26, 2016 by Mark Adams
  • World Operatives was never designed to be our permanent website hosting service website when we merged WO Hostings and World Operatives together in 2006, and after ten more years we reclaimed the WO Hostings name and rebranded the service.

    We started with a brand new design, making sure our website looked welcoming and had a generally comfortable feel. We wanted to take the corporate feeling away from the website as that isn't what we are! We are a small family run business!

    On top of that, we remodelled the packages and prices which allowed us to offer you more resources for less money, and we took away our reseller and VPS packages so we can concentrate on our shared services and our impeccable 'personal' customer service.

    Don't worry though, we will be reintroducing our reseller, VPS and dedicated packages in good time - but for now, we want to get things moving in the right direction - keeping our costs down so we can pump our profit back into our services for YOU to benefit.

    We have setup a brand new Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/wohostings) and a new Twitter page (http://www.twitter.com/wohostings) so please like, share, tweet and retweet. Keep an eye on the accounts as special offers will be posted if and when they become available.

    Last but not least, we have moved to a new client billing system,so if any of your account details are incorrect or no longer working please contact us immediately to allow us to rectify them.

    That's all for now, thank you for your continued support over the short transition period we had and I look forward to speaking to you all shortly.

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